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Made it home...
Downed an He111, but he shot me up a bit.
Lost Oil pressure crossing the coast.
Engine died, Landing gear would not deploy.
Managed to get her onto the field.

Plane was a bit dinged up, but I was unscathed.

First "successful" gear up landing.

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The Plane is a bit dinged up?... Did you say the plane is a bit dinged up?.. No you didn't say The Plane is a bit dinged up did you Stache???
Common Mannn!!! Dude, you tore off both wings, bent every blade of the prop, you tore off the whole underside of the plane including the radiator scoop. This is not to mention the 3 bullet holes in the cylinder head that you can see in the panel above the exhaust manifold and then there is the gaping hole through the access panel right below the exhaust manifold!!! You lost oil pressure? Geee, I wonder how you lost oil pressure??? I thought these Rolls Royce engines had self sealing cylinder heads? A little bit dinged up! Your Superior needs to put you in Tiger Moths from now on. At least they are cheaper to write off when you ding them up a bit. A bit dinged up!!! Off to CLOD with you!!! cuss

Loved your "In Your Face" picture above.

Thanks Pol.


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