Fair enough Pol but I wasn't assuming that the formations were those of CFS3 (which WoFF significantly fixed/improved on, of course, not least the formation-keeping). Just stating that they looked like them ie too widely spaced for bombers. Variable formation sizes would be a needless feature; if anything, ketten within a staffel changing formation for the bomb run would be more worthwhile, tho again unessential. What really appears to be needed (IF the pics I have seen are representative) is the default bomber formation spacing to be significantly tighter than in that pic, even allowing for FoV.

But yes great pics. And bravo for choosing the Hurricane over the sexier Spitfire for the RAF's leading lady.

I may pick this up for Christmas tho as well as seemingly small formation sizes, I am very wary of the apparent lack of simulation of ground control interaction. Stock CFS3 didn't suffer too badly from that, due to its tactical setting (tho even there it should be present) but for the Battle, and for any tactical setting involving the player in a radio- and radar-based air defence, something better than using the TAC is needed, which CFS2 managed via scripted campaign missions but CFS3 bottled it.

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