Hi fellas...
I'm considering replacing my 1050Ti with a Radeon 500 series. Reason being the Acer monitor I bought has serious ghosting issues, which I WILL be replacing and I wanted to take advantage of the free-synch that almost every cheaper TN monitor has. Everything G-synch is over 500 USD!!

Since I'm replacing the monitor, might as well do it right and get it on the same page as the card.

Instead of shelling out 700 on just a monitor, I was thinking I can get away with about 600 for a solid monitor and an equivalent if not better card than what I have.

I have never owned an AMD, so I am not familiar with what the 1050Ti would be equivalent to.

So hit me with some opinions on AMD, best bang for buck card and if it's worth doing. Like I said, the 1050Ti is fine, works great, but other than V-synch, I have no other option.

Thanks as always!


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