I tell ya, I'm almost finished reading "Enduring Courage-John Ross" about the life of Eddie Rickenbacker. What an amazing read! Obviously that makes me want to join up with 94th Aero Squadron. Its cool seeing al those Historical Aces I've been reading about in the sim! In the 8 missions I've completed, I've shot down a balloon, (not confirmed) Been shot up and forced to land in a field and up against a fence, (thank you new patch!) and spend 22 days in the hospital, transfer to a new base near Toul, only to get pounced on as we were in our decent to land, and in the melee managed to get my first confirmed kill, then next mission getting jumped by 2 enemy ace pilots who chased me back to the airfield. When landing, a bomb blew up next to my plane but I was unharmed. While reporting in, I learned of my confirmed kill! But also learned that Fairchild, my wingman, was killed in action. I'm still alive, and can't wait to get back up in the air over the front! The AI is fantastic and second to none! Thanks OBD