Allright, reporting back JJJ65 and I am puzzled. That was indeed a newer version from what I had (1.5.6). I'm just running it from a folder on the desktop and that should not affect anything? I flew three sorties in my RFC campaign to test out some simplier things.

For the first mission I went into the edit pilots tab and cycled through the boys in the flight to the last one and added one more pilot after and I'm sure he was not present in neither B or A flight already. He did not show up in the game.

Before the second mission I just changed the formation for our flight and that did not work and for the third sortie I checked the lone wolf mission checkbox without results. (I did click "save" after editing before each mission).

Is it possible to TAB out of the game before clicking "go to field" and do the editig and go back to start the mission? It is if like the changes are made to late for the game to recognize them. That is just speculation, any tips would be appreciated.