Before I proceed I just want to say what a fanstatic game this is and all the mods makes it even more incredible! I had an account registered back in 2009 but it seems to be lost to time. So let's make a restart.

I think I might be in need of some assistance from the experts regarding the ME. It should be the latest version from the mod site linked in this forum. Usually you can read your way through trouble but I think I have hit a dead end here. ME boots up and loads campaign missions fine from the historical folder.while tabbed out from WOFF UE. The way I usually learn things is to start make small adjustments, watch the result and increase them gradually. The problem here seems to be that none of my changes actually apply in the mission when tabbing back to WOFF. Am I missing out on something vital here? Im saving every dialog box possible when editing. Also I watched a tutorial video for this mod on Youtube but it did'nt make me any smarter.

To start with I wanted to try changing airplane for my pilot flying in RFC 11, 1916 from Bristol Scout to Nieuport 16, not working. Then I figured the sqadron only has four allocated Nieuports so I tired giving one of the HA's a Bristol instead if that was the problem but to no result for me or the HA.

I have tried to copy A-flights path to B-flights path but that dialog box will not disapear after clicking "ok" and I don't see the changes in the mission.

Clicking the checkbox for Lone Wolf mission did'nt work either on a patrol behind friendly lines. The flight showed up anyway.

Any clues on what this might be?