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Blade_Meister, do you mind me asking what's your rig?

I PMed you Sir so as not to clutter up this thread with my specs and settings. S! winkngrin

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You sure do have a good eye for composition!

Thank you Ace_Pilto. WOTR is pretty easy on the eyes and I jut enjoy taking pics. The down side is I hardly ever just seem to fly a mission without stopping and shooting pics. I think I am going to have to designate picture taking days and actual Campaign days so I can truly enjoy what WOTR has to offer without interruption. hahaha

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Good to see you here Blade..Great shots as always pal

Adger, it is always a pleasure to see your pictures and hear of your experiences in the different sims we fly. Glad you like the pics, it is just one of the side pleasures that come along with this wonderful Sim.

More Cowbell! I mean more PICTURES Sir!!!! yep

To POL, WM, Mat, MF and others I don't know in OBD . What a wonderful job you have done in producing WOTR. I honestly have to say after just a few missions that OBD has taken WOTR one notch above WOFF UE, and I Love WOFF UE also, but this just visually looks Fresh and feels really good in the FM department and the music. I am looking forward to entering a Campaign this weekend and experiencing what you all have prepared for me in the BOB, especially the AI. I just want to say that the pics I have posted are straight from the game, no Photoshop what so ever. What fabulous visuals WOTR presents us with. Thanks Again Guys. S!


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