OK Human Drone! Have some black coffee first before I tell the tale! Brahms was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Breslau. The university expected more than a 'thank you note' as Brahms was so informed. Telling Brahms he had to do this or he had to do that was not what you tell Brahms!!! He was miffed to get suckered into having to write music for the 'doctorate'. Being the cheeky devil he was he took a bunch of school drinking songs and 'converted' them into 'classical' music for a special occasion tongue-in-cheek! Can you imagine the surprised look on the 'upper crusts' faces when they started to recognize the tunes? It's was brilliantly hilarious! Brahms is one of my faves! He kept a chair in his house that had a 'bad leg' and loved to seat society, especially female society, and watch them turn turtle backwards in that chair! Can you imagine how funny that would be especially when you don't have a society like we do now that will sue because you look at 'em cross eyed!