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With this I feel like that The Right Stuff, Apollo 13, and the series From the Earth to the Moon were superior in every way. In the last one, when Apollo 1 happened, you mourned Grissom, White, and Chaffee with the rest of the cast. Here you really only get to know Ed White, and there just isn't any sentiment beyond "well, that sucks!" and "this is dangerous!"

This is an issue I have foreseen when I go see this movie. I will compare everything to FTETTM and Apollo 13, which stand as shining beacons of moviemaking based on true events. Like you say, the Apollo 1 episode of From The Earth.. gets me every time. It is a superb example of how to induce emotions in the viewer without containing a single gung-ho, guns-blazing sort of moment, just superb, understated acting. David Andrews really was Frank Borman in that series.

In all my years I've never seen the like. It has to be more than a hundred sea miles and he brings us up on his tail. That's seamanship, Mr. Pullings. My God, that's seamanship!