So, in the past when the game was first announced I was very proactive in trying to get people to back the game. I even helped a bunch of people from SimHQ get LTI when they first took away LTI. But then the years drug on and my excitement waned. Then there was a lot of fiascos which ended in me no longer recommending people buy into the game until they fixed some things and added some things.

The big issue was performance. The PU performance was atrocious. Even on high end PCs the game ran like crap.

Another big issue was ship buying/renting. Previously the game didnt allow any sort of in game buying/renting of ships. This meant if you wanted to fly a specific ship you had to buy it with real money. A lot of the ships were over priced and as the years went on they consistently increased those ship prices arbitrarily.

Well, right now with 3.3 the performance issues are resolved, at least for me. I went from 10-16fps in 3.2 to 45-60fps in 3.3. They also added in ship buying/renting.

So my two biggest gripes are fixed. I've spent a few hours now in 3.3 and... it is actually a really amazing game. It still has a lot of problems but I think this is the first version of the PU that is actually playable and fun enough to recommend to other people.

With that said, if you do plan to buy into the game now... JUST BUY THE STARTER PACKAGE. Dont spend a ton of money on a big ship. You can always upgrade your ship later. They have a CCU system which allows you to buy an upgrade for your ship package to a new ship. But with the addition of in game ship sales you might not ever need to upgrade your starting ship with real money!

If anyone is interested in buying into the game though Please use a SimHQ referal code. It will give you some extra in game bonuses as well as helping out whoever's code you use.

So post your referal codes here if you already have a SC account.

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