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Wow - that was quick; thanks. Yeah, it's OK but the screen size could do with being a little bigger. Truly re-sizeable would be best, but it's not essential.

Other points:

1. I didn't get the 'populate airfields' dialogue. If I run 1.6.5 straight after, that works fine.
2. Various buttons and dialogue windows appear outside the map window and appear fixed. On a triple monitor, that means they can be up to half a metre from the main window.

Other than that, it's a real help.

Thanks again.


Edit: Perhaps an option for the user to set their own horizontal/vertical pixel size?

AndyR, try another version, pls. Populate airfields and Weather manager dialogues re-enabled (sorry, that was disabled by my mistake), window size changed to 1920x1080. Unfortunately, re-sizable option is not possible for Processing applets.
Download here