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This is so full of awesome it's hard to keep from bouncing in one's seat while watching!

lol...when I'm on my couch watching the days footage...I catch myself leaning left and right into the turns. wink

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Are these guys not wearing protectors, or beneath the "shirts"?

We all wear "roost deflectors" at the minimum...some wear it under the jersey...some over. I wear mine under as well. The pic below I have mine on under and have elbow pads as well:

[Linked Image]

Fracture is right...the roost and rocks kicked up hurt! And they always find the chinks in your armor. Caught a good size rock to the bicep yesterday:

[Linked Image]

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Good call on the gearing change.
Are you considering a change to the power curve as well?

Actually...I changed the gearing back to how the bike is supposed to be! When I got it, I was a trail rider so I went up a tooth to stretch out the gearing for the wide open trails. Now, 20 races in, I'm thinking I should set it back for motocross...DOH! It's a lot better exiting the corners now...but I'm shifting a lot more with the shorter gearing.

I appreciate the comment and well wishes!

It's a 6 hour drive down to the SoCal desert for this 2 day event. Going by myself and really need to be able to drive myself home if I get banged up or injured.

I can use all the good mojo I can get! salute

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