7 October 1914

Noel Kay writes: "0740: Beautiful day. Flew to Sedan, then a pass down the lines. 2 hours 5 minutes."

Amiens, No 3 Squadron
Corrigan Aujla writes: "0918: We had a group of senior Army officers show up today. Our orders were to give them rides to various towns and back. I drew a Colonel Healey and was told to take him up to Doullens. He took me aside just before we took off and asked if, once we were out of sight of anyone who could get us into trouble, I could take him for a loop. I said that was certainly possible. After we had turned around over Doullens and were above farm country coming back, I granted his wish. A ways further one we did another. He had told me he had never been up in a plane before and likely never would again, so how could I refuse. As we were returning to Amiens he practically begged me, via vigorous signs, to break off and go around one more time. I had to explain myself to Major Salmond later, but when I told him the poor fellow reminded me of an eager puppy begging for a treat he said it would have been easy enough to just lie about my approach or something, and since he appreciated my honesty he could forgive me "Just this once". 1 hour 12 minutes.'

Amiens, No 4 Squadron
Ries Meismer writes: "1207: Interesting day today. A group of Army dignitaries paid us a visit. We were assigned to fly them around the area. I was given a General MacFreign, an Artillery commander. We were not supposed to take our charges anywhere near the lines, but I had special orders to show him what his guns were doing so he could better decide how to dispose of them. We flew over to Peronne, then south to Laon and Sissonne, and then back to Amiens. I gave him a good long look and he seemed happy enough about what he saw. 2 hours 40 minutes.

Odis Först writes: "0559: Another flight almost to Paris. We witnessed a large artillery duel between the lines, and received some pretty heavy Flak near Villers-Totterets. 2 hours 32 minutes."

Filimor Hance writes: "1021: Short flight around local area. 46 minutes."

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