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To be honest,unless they address the performance issues I'm not going to bother updating

This is pretty much where I am. I can run pretty much any new game with full settings at 1440 with 60-fps. Cant run SC at 1080 on the lowest settings and see double digit FPS. It very badly needs performance fixes.

But man, the game is starting to look like it will be fun to play! Im not going to be upgrading my cpu just to find a few more FPS for SC though. I'll just wait till they do some performance patching and it can run. 3.3 is supposed to have object container streaming which will give a slight performance increase. We wont know how big of an increase until people can actually test it. Right now though your computer builds and tracks every player asset no matter how far away they are from you. with OSC the server will track everything internally and your local computer will only build things that are within visual range. So you should get empty server performace on a full server as long as there isnt a lot of traffic around you. I get 30+fps on an empty server and about 8fps on a full on. So if I can get about 20fps the game would be playable for me.

They are trying to do 4 major patches a year. Their roadmap is also public

Someone put together a nice roadmap watch infograph. It's useful for seeing what changes are being made to the roadmap.

This is the guy on reddit making the watch infographs.

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And we as its creators don't feel ready to hear your annoyed jabber about it.
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