They have a weird release method.

When a patch is ready for testing it goest like this.

Evocati: They get it first. This is closed testing with a select group of players dedicated to finding and fixing bugs. This normally goes 2 -4 weeks. This is a NDA group but info always leaks out.
PTU Wave 1: This is another closed test but no NDA. This is for subscribers and a select group of people dedicated to stress testing. Normally last about a week.
PTU Wave 2: This is the last closed group. This is their large scale stress testing group and consists of various people who have shown interest in helping to test. this group only last a few days. Just long enough to make sure the servers wont crash with a large influx of players.
Open PTU testing: This is open to anyone who transfers their account over to the PTU (Public Test Universe). You can transfer your account as soon as it is announced. The transfer button is in your account settings page.

Once PTU is done they push it to a LIVE release.

Right now. 3.3 is in Evocati testing. They expect a PTU release around citizen con (October 10)

And we as its creators don't feel ready to hear your annoyed jabber about it.
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