In the throttle "Fw190" mechanics GVL ("RUD" and "Universal") are installed.
Iron mechanics with the possibility of adjusting the resistance force, axles on bearings with non-contact sensors.
On the throttle handle are 3 buttons and one axle. Handles mechanic are printed on a 3D printer.
Front panel:
- 5 buttons (the fifth on the encoder;
- 1 encoder.
On the top panel of the case:
- 14 buttons;
- 10 toggle switches.
The case is made of a "composite" 3mm thick, going like a 3D puzzle ...
The inscriptions on the body are made with the help of a laser engraver, it burns a layer of paint and the natural color of aluminum appears.
The color, size and shape of the handles printed on the 3D printer can be customized.
The color and size of the handles on the potentiometers and additional mechanics may differ from those on the video (depends on available at the time of the order).
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