24 September 1914

At Verdun, Esc 13 is still grounded by rain.

Fere-en-Tardenois, 3 Squadron
Corrie Aujla writes: "I was kept from flying today. Major Salmond took me into his office and started asking me questions about Captain Carlson. What was he like in the air? Had he ever shouted at me? Had he ever tried to strike me? I eventually mustered the courage to ask what was going on, and he said that when it was all resolved he tell me what he could. For the meantime I was not to speak of this to anyone. Of course all the enlisted pilots wanted to know what was going on, and it was all I could do not to tell them anyway. What kept me in line was the thought that it could mean my career. For the time being I'm saying nothing, and won't broach the subject with Major Salmond again until he chooses to tell me something."

Fere-en-Tardenois, 4 Squadron
Ries Meismer writes: "Several flights went up today. Due to a shortage of available machines I was not one of them."

Odis Först srites: "Overcast, but no rain. I get to fly today! 1458: Patrolled over the fighting near Reims. 2 hours 2 minutes."

Filimor Hance writes: "1258: One long flight, up to Beavais and then north. Halfway from Beauvais we turned back to Paris and Anvers. 2 hours 51 minutes."

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