13 September 1914

Le Petit Maulan:
Noel Kay writes: "The rain has let up some, but extremely strong winds are keeping us on the ground. Word has come that our forces have crossed the Aisne River and have the Germans pinned down there.

Corrie Aujla writes: "Third day pushing the message cart. Still no word on No 3 Squadron."

Ries Meismer writes: "The rain and wind have picked up again. We managed to get here alright. Now we need to get into the air again."

Odis Först wirtes: "Hptm Steccius has determined that we fly today. The troops are gone except for a small rear guard, and Ltn Oswald Boelke suggested we sleep in our clothes with weapons at our sides. At 0230 we were awakened by the noise of artillery fire, and we've been up ever since awaiting the sun. Took off at 0730 for Buzancy. Everyone made it safely. 35 minutes."

Filimor Hanse writes: "Still waiting for better weather. It feels like I'm going to spend the rest of my life on the ground."

Some people are born stupid. I've had to work hard my whole life to get this way. I'm proud of the job I've done