8 September 1914

Oe Petit Maulan:
Noel Kay writes: "1118: Patrolled lines again. Germans seem to be withdrawing. 1 hour 31 minutes.

Corrie Aujla writes: "Another day working in a field. I haven't been in the air in two weeks. I'm most anxious to get back to flying."

Ries Meismer Writes: "1400: Flight north to look for Germans. Maybe next time. 1 hour 46 minutes."

Sainte Menehould:
Odis Först writes: "1428: Patrol to the west, over our right flank. Our forces seem to be pulling back. 1 hour 8 minutes."

Filimo Hance writes: "1639: Patrolled to the north this time. Still no Germans. 1 hour 23 minutes."

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