25 August 1914

Noel Kay writes: "There is no more news from the Front, the Front has come to us. The Germans have overrun our border and taken several towns. Today we are hastily packing everything.
Tomorrow we move to Chappy."

Corrigan Aujla writes: "At 0500 we were awakened and told to get into our uniforms and make sure we had everything we needed. At 0515 we ate a hasty breakfast and were told the Germans had broken through and would be here within
hours. I was packed into the back of an ambulance with some other enlisted men. Captain Carlson rode in the front with the driver and by 0545 we were part of a truck convoy headed west. Most of the French army is retreating slowly, preparing for a fight if necessary, so we had the roads to ourselves, and made good time. We drove from Maubeuge to Valenciennes, a distance of 25 miles or so, in around five hours. After refueling the trucks and some food for ourselves we were underway again. It has taken us six hours to get to Douai, a distance of about 35 miles, Now we are encamped outside Douai, preparing to get some sleep before taking up the journey again. I have no idea what has become of the Squadron and my friend Robbie Reinard."

Le Cateau:
Reis Meismer writes: "0723: Didn't even have time to unpack. Transferred again from Le Cateau to Saint-Quentin along with No 3 Squadron. It seems we'll be travelling with them for the foreseeable future. 1 hour 52 minutes. It should have taken less than half that, but they had us make a detour to the west to see exactly where the Germans are."

Odis Först writes: "Took off at 1041. Made the flight from Dusseldorf to Jamoigne, flying over Liege along the way. 2 hours 53 minutes."

Some people are born stupid. I've had to work hard my whole life to get this way. I'm proud of the job I've done