24 August 1914

Noel Kay spends another half hour just flying around. It seems like it's all for nothing. At the end of the day he writes: "News from Belgium is not good. Our forces have lost another battle and are in retreat, as are the first British forces to engage the Germans. At the same time our army in Alsace is withdrawing."

No 3 Squadron is transferring from Maubeuge to Le Cateau. Ten minutes after takeoff Corrie Aujla's engine conks out. He lands on the grass at a nearby farm, but the plane is still moving when it hits a patch of furrowed ground. The BE noses over and is severely damaged. Corrie and the much disliked Captain Fabio Carlson both receive fairly minor injuries. The squadron flies back to Maubeuge, and an ambulance is sent to pick up the injured pilot and observer. They are put into a cottage hospital and are told they will be there for the next two days. The squadron takes off for their new home at Le Cateau.

No 4 squadron is also transferred to Le Cateau. They make the journey without incident.

After the flight the previous day Odis Först and his three fellow students are told to take the rest of the day off, spend some time on the town, but be back at noon the 24th. Today they gather in various states of sobriety and are told to pack their gear and get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow they are all flying to Belgium to join a new squadron forming there.

Some people are born stupid. I've had to work hard my whole life to get this way. I'm proud of the job I've done