19 August 1914

Noel Kay and another pilot made an extended flight southeast to Toul, east to Nancy, northeast along the Belgian border and back to Verdun. 2 hours 18 minutes.
In the news the Germans took Haelen yesterday. Everyone is wondering when they will reach France.

Corrie Aujla and two other planes patrolled up and down the Belgian border for almost two hours. Nothing to report.

The entirety of No 4 Squadron made a very long familiarization flight, west to Abbeville, northeast to St Omer, westward to Lille then back to Amiens. 3 hours 32 minutes. Ries Meismer is amazed at his commander's planning skills. They landed back at their home field with less than 15 minutes' fuel remaining.

Cadet Odis Först followed his instructor around the area again, this time west to Kaarst, northeast to Duisberg and back to Dusseldorf. Almost an hour, and any hour spent in the air is a good one.

Some people are born stupid. I've had to work hard my whole life to get this way. I'm proud of the job I've done