13 August 1914

Noel Kay writes:
Yesterday Belgian troops defeated the Germans at Haelen. The Austro-Hungarians have started their invasion of Serbia.
0947: First flight in almost a week. Flew around the Verdun area, learning what is where. 33 minutes.

Corrigan Aujla writes:
At 0625 No 2 Squadron took off for Amiens. We are to follow shortly.
0815: Squadron took off from Swingate Down for Calais and then to Amiens. We have some concerns about Robbie's engine, but the local mechanics assure us it is in good working order.
08:52 Crossed French coast west of Calais. Headed west.
0900: Turned south, following coast.
0925: Turned inland, following the Somme River.
1002: Having skirted the forest around Abbeville, we turned south towars Amiens.
1020: Landed at Amiens. There we met the boys from No 2 Sqdn, and they had a good story to tell. It seems their commander, Major Burke, had them travel around the forest as we did, just to ensure a place to land in case of engine trouble. One of his pilots, Lt Harvey-Kelly, positioned himself at the rear, broke off and flew straight across the forest. When the group landed at Amiens they found Harvey-Kelly's BE already there, making himself the first British pilot to land in France for the war!

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