12 August 1914

Noel Kay writes: Today we received news that France and Britain declared war on Austria-Hungary yesterday.
0930 A car came to take me to our airfield at Verdun. We arrived at 1237. Three and a half hours! I could have flown there in one hour. Anyway, the boys were all happy to see me.

Swingate Down:
Corrigan Aujla writes:
0748: Squadron took off for Dover via Brighton. At 0916 my friend Robbie Reinard suffered an engine failure and landed just east of Brighton. Lt Salmond had us land nearby. After examining the situation he had us take off for Eastbourne at 0927. From there the Lt took off with a mechanic. at 1354 he returned with Robbie's BE. in tow. At 1420 the Squadron took off for Dover. at 1520 we landed at Swingate Down and were assigned quarters for the night.
Time in aircraft: 26.13 hours. Total flight time: 26.13 hours.

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