A belated welcome to Jara!

I see we've only tea left - AGAIN! Time for our silver-tongued bar steward to confound regulations art the depot.

I think forty years of floor top (or is that floor bottom?) gaming combined with those other obsessions is an adequate qualification, Sailor_Steve! As far as I'm concerned, as VP, you're in. Mine's a... hmm... tea :-(

To the question of Fullofit's wife, whilst we'd certainly welcome some female company in the clubhouse for as long as we're sober enough to appreciate it, it CAN only be honorary. There's the tricky matter of the er... cough... cricket bat, you see. Ahem!.


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Oh that I was back in the dear old PBI.
With no more Triplanes on me tail, nor tracer tracing by.
And no more flames and clickerty-clack and no more blooming sky,
And only a couple of feet to fall whenever I want to die.

No. 56 Squadron Song