6 August 1914:

In France, Noel Kay makes another flight, this time to Belrain and return. No news from Belgium.

In England Corrie Aufla and Capt Fabio Carlson are awakened at 0300 by the family with whom they have taken shelter for the night. Father and son take them in a horse-drawn wagon to a gasoline storage facility on the outskirts of East Wittering. The man there fills a tank on the back of a lorry and gives them a ride back to the farm, along with the father. The son follows with the wagon. When they explain that they will have to return with payment they are told that with the new war brewing this one is free. The plane is filled and at 0405 they take off in the dark. The sun rises while they are in flight and they land back at Netheravon in time for breakfast. Captain Carlson says nothing of their disagreement, so neither does Sergeant Aujla.

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