Thanks to Sky for pointing me to this thread. smile

First, I'm kinda glad not to have been mentioned by name (or alluded to by D Bond). biggrin

Second, I've thought over the years of what made FW so special. I really do think it was just a lightning-in-a-bottle thing. Can't be replicated. Can't even really be described. It was special. One of the early examples of what became known as "social media." smile When I see my kids deal with stuff online, I think back to some of the same kinds of things happening on FW! (BTW, my oldest daughter was born the year Falcon 4 came out. She's almost 21 now.)

Finally, I wish nothing but the best to all those fellow former Frugalites out there. Even the ones who hated me... and that I wasn't particularly fond of back in the day. smile

Take care everybody.

Sic semper tyrannosauro.