Really didnt know where to post this, but Iam sure there´s quite alot of "fine aged users" who played and still play "rogue like" games. Might want to share your games, findings.

I have recently got back to RL games and two that have cought my attention and time are...


It´s still in development (version Beta_6), but plays very well and Josh seems a nice guy. Having alot of fun with this one. A scavanger robot based RL where you find/use parts from other robots you shoot down, hack terminals and other neat things.

Home site:

Cogmind Forum

Available direct (no DRM + Steam key), or via Steam.



Caves of Qud is another great RL that´s currently also in EA that Iam enjoying alot.

Been in development since 2007

Home site:
Caves of Qud

Available on ITCH.IO, GOG and Steam.


Fun video with fans and devs...

Both very well recomended.


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