02/08/1914 Caporal Noel Kay has been transferred from Breuil-le Sac to Camp de Chalons where Escadrille C13 is forming. It seems that the rising tensions between France and Germany over the declaration of war by Austria-Hungary on Serbia knows no end. Actual hostilities may not be far off.

Meanwhile, In England I've created a new pilot. Sergeant Corrigan Yegor "Corrie" Aujla, of Saanitch, British Columbia, Canada, has begun training with No 3 Squadron RFC at Netheravon. One of the fun things I just discovered on my own is that you can not only select the season in Quick Combat but also the airplane. This is good because the game has No 3 Squadron starting in January 1915 with Morane parasols, and that is when they first outfitted with that aircraft. Prior to that they were flying BE.2s. With QC I can actually change it so my British pilots are flying BE.2s for the first few months of the war.

I love this game.

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