I'm not planning to join in the Centennial threads, as the war is almost over. That said, now that I've learned from their rules things new to me, like Manual Pilot Creation and using Quick Combat for training, I've gone off the OCD deep end.

I found that the earliest I can start a new career is January 1915, and that all the QC mission I fly will be applied to that day. I then realized that I could use the QC to practice and write my own personal log to assign those missions an earlier date. I then wondered how far back I could take it.

Then I realized that, while the 100th anniversary will never return, the 104th is happening right now. RAF No 3 squadron was the first to cross over to France for the war, with several others only days behind. That was August 13. Since I wanted to have a fighter pilot and a two-seater pilot from each power running simultaneously, I figured why not do the research for the squadrons I wanted and find out where they were on August 1. Or July 30, which was yesterday, and the day I wanted to start this mess. So I created a French pilot. The earliest date I could find was August 12, so I created the pilot and flew a QC mission, choosing an airfield for my "training" base and practicing touch-and-goes in a Caudron G.IV. I'll continue this sort of thing until August 12, then move to the base they were actually at during that time. It's weird, but I'm starting a career at the very beginning of the war, and almost a year before the eindeckers made their first appearance.

But that's just me...

Some people are born stupid. I've had to work hard my whole life to get this way. I'm proud of the job I've done