The Hornet is definitely incomplete and definitely in the realm of extreme unfinished early access. Despite suggesting a more complete experience at release than the A-10C, comparatively it is actually at a very preliminary stage. It makes you wonder what they've been doing the whole time, other than of course wasting time, collecting money on cheap projects, like they're continuing to do now. I also have doubts about the F-18 FM, carrier landings, etc., but haven't done much A/A action. As for me, I have stopped buying modules in the hopes this would help accelerate ED's development of other modules, CA, Viggen, Gazelle, MiG-15, Bf-109, Spitfire, campaigns and certainly Yak. Unfortunately didn't reach that stage earlier with the L-39 and F-5, both mistakes in my view. My concern is that they seem to pushing out complex systems in weeks, in the hopes of saying in a year it's over, time to move on to the next project, when in reality this thing probably requires at least 3 more years of development.