Hi AnkleBiter....

Reading this review is more of your take on the DCS engine, not so much the hornet itself.

There is one sentence in this entire post related to the hornet.

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...and I gotta say. Belsimtek / ED just NAILED it with this module. Holy hell when I put on the Oculus and fired this thing up for the first time I was completely floored. I mean every control pops out. Weathered perfectly. Just... pure visceral joy. The displays... HUD... all of it. All clickable

the rest is the graphics engine.....still you have failed to put any convincing selling points to make me as a consumer want to buy it.

carrier landings and what not have already been covered numerous times. What about the flight model, damage model, wing loading vs clean etc etc. perhaps do a full cover without the added selling point of the consumer\engine basically requires "more cows with head torches, greener pastures, more dirt in the desert, requires VR & HOTAS to fly the jet" so to speak

I am still unconvinced, even with Bisher's unmitigated input.