So I'm returning home in my Alb DI and I get a Sopwith Pup on my tail. No worries, he's far enough back and it appears that I can out run him. A few minutes later, a flight of noops high above spots me and one of them comes down to have a look, also dropping in tow behind me.

Once I get well into my territory over some small town, I decide the Pup is far enough back that I can turn to face him (and the Noop) in time to greet him with a head on pass and hopefully do some damage, which I manage to do. The plan was to get enough damage on the Pup that he gets knocked out of the fight and then it's just me and the French plane. Despite being called by the girlfriend for dinner mid fight (you can see the short pause) I managed to knock the Pup out of the fight. To my surprise, the Frenchmen dropped low (despite not taking a single hit) and tried to run back to home. Bad move for him. Really, really love this sim. I looked around but never saw where the pup went after he dropped out of view. I have no idea if he was able to slink back home at tree top level and I missed him or if he crashed.

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