I took pics of breakfast this morning to show what I do when I'm crunched for time, very simple and quick...

Spinach wrap (we buy local and they're fantastic).
Half slice of Muenster cheese, cut in half (two quarters).
3 whipped eggs.
Raw spinach.
Black pepper and a light spread of strawberry preserves to hold wrap together.
Add banana and black coffee.

Tip: Microwave cheese on wrap for a few seconds to soften cheese, the hot scrambled eggs on top will finish melting it.

Half for me, the other wrapped to go (Mrs. will eat it at her desk)...

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There's carbs in the wrap (but also fiber and protein) but it's probably a lot healthier than what I ate in my 30's when crunched for time...

- Two Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts.
- Toaster Strudel (with icing packet).
...both with a large glass of milk.

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The rusty wire that holds the cork that keeps the anger in
Gives way and suddenly it’s day again
The sun is in the east
Even though the day is done
Two suns in the sunset, hmph
Could be the human race is run