I took pics of breakfast this morning to show what I do when I'm crunched for time, very simple and quick...

Spinach wrap (we buy local and they're fantastic).
Half slice of Muenster cheese, cut in half (two quarters).
3 whipped eggs.
Raw spinach.
Black pepper and a light spread of strawberry preserves to hold wrap together.
Add banana and black coffee.

Tip: Microwave cheese on wrap for a few seconds to soften cheese, the hot scrambled eggs on top will finish melting it.

Half for me, the other wrapped to go (Mrs. will eat it at her desk)...

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There's carbs in the wrap (but also fiber and protein) but it's probably a lot healthier than what I ate in my 30's when crunched for time...

- Two Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts.
- Toaster Strudel (with icing packet).
...both with a large glass of milk.

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