"Pooch, you're kinda proving my point, having to turn ALL they eyecandy off to get worse frames than 1.5 & have it look worse is NOT progress."

Well, I showed screenies at the screenshot section and I posted one here that I thought showed that I WASN'T turning ALL the eye candy off. I understand that people running super rigs are frustrated that they can't run this. That's why my point is, that, I'm surprised that I can run it it on my laptop, at all, and still have it look good and run well.
And I'm running this at 1920 x 1080. Oddly enough, when I first picked the Spit and the map up, I automatically turned down the res to 1600 x 900 because I fully expected not to be able to run at my screens resolution. It actually runs like crap at the lower setting, which doesn't make sense to me. Stuttering and micro-freezes. It seems to prefer the high res...which is good.

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