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I thought that statement was going to be a positive for ED but then your last sentence seems to have turned it around.... what do you mean?

Haha, i'm not sure if looking like BF2 is a complement or not!

The priorities and decisions on the graphics engine are just nutty. The overexposed color palette making everything looking Instagram ish. Having gauges go opaque white in sunlight. Massively overdone baked in reflections. I think they are trying to emulate a CAMERA in the cockpit rather than a human eyeball which adapts to these conditions. Defered shading seems to be worse but they've enforced it because they can't manage to get one shading strategy right, never mind two.

Then we have things like ultra high poly and texture trains, cows, grass that seems to consume resources all the time, but is seldom seen. I swear people take more time posting screenshots on H*ggit than they do playing the game!

And yes P3D runs a million times better on my machine whilst also looking much better.