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Was thinking of 1070 to replace my 670, think I better hold fire for now it that's the case. New cards are due in the next few months aren't they?


I have I5 8400 (6core) 4.0ghz and 16gb DDR4 and 1070 ,

2.5 latest patch runs really smooth. High settings, in monitor i get 90-120fps easily even big missions.

And VR with Oculus runs great too.

Performance is now much better after patches.

And our Finnish flight group has about 100+ pilots and no performance problems. Even 1060 is enough if using only fullhd monitor. And lots of pilots with 8gb ram only (ssd drive helps) and no problems.

I5 8400 , 16gb , GTX 1070 oc , Win10 64bit . Virpil T-50 27" monitor with 2560x1440 rez ... DCS + Oculus CV1 + Samsung Odyssey . (odyssey is better for flight sims)