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Hi Guys Just my 2 cents:

The food looks great and I will try the Egg Pizza one., but what worked for me is a Low Sodium. High Veg's Diet with fresh fruit at each meal ( they act as brushes in the artery ) Its Heart Healthy an its 0 to low Cholesterol It does include Chicken but skinless and Baked or Grilled. Turkey on Occasion along with nuts and Fish. Bread.

Sounds about right to me! Salt is a big deal with me, I put on water weight fairly easily if I spike it. Staying around 1500mg, usually closer to 900mg, keeps me stable. I was glad when I got off of my diuretic, I don’t want to go back. LOL
I don’t eat a LOT of fruit due to the sugar, but I do have a med. size bananna almost daily. Hard to resist those Clementine oranges too!
Fish 3-4 times a week, at some time or another, has been a goal. It doesn’t have to be the expensive fillets, but I do want the healthier ones like salmon, tuna etc. with the omega 3’s etc.
I’ll post another recipe we’ve liked that has helped.

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