So...after finally reading and paying attention to a few forums, it seems that the skulls don't mean that much, except maybe tonnage.

Don't care how good you are, when you have EIGHT (8) heavies and assaults ; 4 to your front and 4 to your rear, coming at you at once, you are in for a bit of excitement.

After flying around the known universe I have ONE new module. A Heat Exchanger, never had seen that before.

Oh, and be seriously afraid of getting in front of Nix and Behomath. AC 20+++ hell for you.

POP!.. goes the Weasel.

Give all their reporters basic IQ and College Aptitude tests, fire them if they flunk. Then, Defund NPR!
It's a publicly funded leftist garbage dispenser

Let them eat cheap Ice Cream! I'm off to get my hair done.
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"There's a sucker born every minute."
Phineas Taylor Barnum