I've been calling this the
Hakuna Frittata!

Never made a "real" frittata, so don't kill me if I don't do this right, but it's really good. I love omelettes. This is an easier way to feed multiple people without making individual omelettes.
Fast and easy to make and without any real measuring.
Feeds 4. Or 2 really hungry. wink

13" cast iron skillet, 12" would work fine too.
Egg Beaters...either 1 large carton or 2 of the regular size
Shredded cheese, I'll post stats using just a regular mexican blend, but fat free or low fat would be even better. I use a regular size bag, around 8 oz.
Lettuce/spinach spring mix. More than you think, I assume I'm using about 4 oz, call it 3 handfuls?
Uncured turkey bacon. Either bake it in the oven or get the pre-cooked kind. Cut up into bite sized pieces, I left 4 whole to put on top.
Can of Rotel tomatoes/peppers, drained
Course ground pepper, to taste
Optional: red taco sauce (seriously)

If using cast iron, oil it up.
Heat up oven, with skillet, to 350­­°. I want the skillet hot, so I'll leave it in there until it's over 300­° or more.
When they're ready, I pull the skillet out, or do this while on the rack pulled out:
(don't forget the oil if using cast iron, better late than never!)
Pour in half of the regular size carton of egg beaters, or 1/4 if using the large on. We're already cooking.
Let it cook a minute first, then start spreading around the rotel, evenly around the eggs.
Spread the lettuce/spinach around
About half the cheese for the next layer
Sprinkle around the turkey bacon bits
Fill in with the rest of the Egg Beaters
Pepper to taste
The last of the cheese on top, most will sink some
If you kept some strip bacon, put it on top

It's already cooking, but close it up for about 25-30 minutes to cook through.
When it's got 5-10 more minutes, I slide it out to circle some red taco sauce on top. Works well with the Rotel and a little spiciness is a good thing here.
When done, let it rest 5-10 minutes. It will deflate a bit and solidify inside.
It's even better the next day, be sure to refrigerate of course.

(For 1 of 4 servings)
Total Fat: 19.3g
-sat fat: 10.7g
Cholesterol: 75.6mg
Sodium: 1308mg...this can be lowered*
Carbs: 8.1g
-Fiber: .9g
-Sugars: 1.9g
Protein: 45.5g

*The salt is on the high side but can be dealt with. It can be lowered by using Rotel with "no salt added" or just going with diced tomatoes. Pick a cheese, or use less of it, with lower salt than the fiesta blend. Shop the turkey bacon, this is done uncured, but it's the ready made kind just for convenience. In this case, I just used what was handy.

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