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How awesome?
My online VFW, the 1st, long time Falcon BMS fliers, hardcore serious simmers...have converted to this module, a BIG move for us, and we are no fools.
Buy it and come see us.

I was surprised that the 1st VFW migrated to the Hornet en-masse so much so that the BMS players had to separate and start a whole new VFW. Back in the day, there was no need for separation between those who flew BMS (or AF) and those who flew A10C so I wonder why the parting of ways?

As for the Hornet being awesome, I have no doubt it will be. It's just not there yet.

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Good way to learn the jet a little at a time.

Coming from BMS, you're not starting from square 1 wink I doubt if ED can push out the rest of the features fast enough to keep the Hornet from getting stale? If this was meant to mimic a Hornet driver's transition into the Hornet, how long is that process? 12-18 months for a full time pilot? So let's say 2 years for us hobbyists.... do you think ED can go from now to 80-90% feature complete in 2 years? I sure hope so, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

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