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Besides this is inaccurate, if you push your message too hard (some would say Ice does) you turn people off and they will 'go to the other side'.
Again, some take issue with the tone of posts and the weariness of hearing the same thing over and over. And over

Who is pushing? People are free not to open threads or skip posts. smile The same things are said over and over and over on both sides. As for the negative aspects, well, they're still broken in those places. I'd understand the complaints if ED fixed things and yet the naysayers still sing the same song, but this would have to start with ED fixing things. It will not happen before then.

I could also say that the Kool-Aid overflows over in the official forums. If you need refreshments, why look at SimHQ when you know you can get all the feel-good and pats-on-the-back over yonder?

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I want to talk to people who have it and talk to them on their thoughts, issues they maybe having, etc etc. Since you do not own said module, your opinion is irrelevant in this particular case. If you wish to discuss ED and DCS in any other fashion then I respectfully refer you back to your thread.

So not calling out others, eh? Just me? What happened to your stance on pissing contests? Interesting selective application of your rules on your thread.

I would also like to clarify where I have put forth my opinion on the Hornet last? If you read this thread, there has been discussion re: combat, DC, and other topics to which I've added to the discussion and not to the Hornet per se. I don't see you calling them out either.

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Or start a new thread etc. However you wish. But having said that, this thread has become not what I had wanted in the first place. I bid you a good day sir.

I've never understood why some people think they can dictate where other people may post or what they may post about. Have I missed some sort of rule where the thread starter can pick who can reply to his thread and how off-topic things can get? Maybe on other forums but not here on SimHQ, I think. If you wish to have an exclusive discussion, maybe start a PM with a group of like-minded individuals and make joining an invite-only affair. The public discussion boards are just that.... public. Again, if you're uncomfortable with certain issues and facts being brought up, maybe it's best to find a safe space wink One with free refreshments biggrin biggrin biggrin

I do apologize if your thread did not turn out to be the sterile environment you want it to be, but to lay the blame all on me would be dishonest and unfair, plus the fact that the discussions going on grow out organically and don't really follow a set path. If you do want a discussion regarding rainbows and butterflies and the Hornet, why not post in the official forums? You won't find many naysayers there and those that are there take certain steps to make sure the flowers and praise overflow lest the ban hammer falls, so it may be a more suitable environment for your sensibilities.

Good day!

- Ice