Nothing in your quoted post was anti-DCS. The post I was responding to didn't even have anything to do with DCS or the Hornet. I wonder if you'll admit to your bias or are you still composing your post where you call out Boomer and bisher?

Or are you retracting previous statements?
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3. Heating discussions are one thing. Pissing contest usually = attacking each other.
4. Different opinions are fine, as I said, attacking the person for their opinion is not.

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You like F/A-18, good. You don't like the F/A-18 good. You like the FM good, you don't like the FM, good. See the train of thought here? No opinion is a bad one in my eyes because to each his own. I have been saying over and over again. You trackin' now?

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I agree no one should be attacking you but could you do me a favor and calm it down a bit?

I honestly wonder why people feel the need to say "calm down"?? I'm just chilling right here smile

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You do not even own the Hornet and instead of us talking about it we have done everything else but doing that. So with all do respect I would really like to talk to people here about the Hornet without your anti DCS injects.

Since when was owning a module a pre-requisite to joining a discussion?

- Ice