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The SA-18 (9K38) has delayed impact, magnetic and grazing fusing. No radar proximity fuse. You could argue the magnetic or grazing fuse (back of missile passed through F-15) should have fired.

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Expect that is not a SA-18 (9k38) but a Vikhr (9K121) which DOES have proximity fuze since it is also used for air defense. However we are talking about DCS and proximity fuze is basically non existing.....digital COMBAT SIMULATOR .... biggrin

Yeah, I was wondering where the SA-18 comment came from when that is clearly a Vikhr smile Working as intended!! biggrin biggrin

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DCS has proximity fuzing. It isn't great but it is definitely there and it is testable (you can change the range etc). The Vikhr has a short proximity fuze, and more to the point - if this was an online engagement then it is easily possible that either the aircraft or missile trajectory is not exact, among other things.

So we're blaming online "inaccuracies" now?

What do you think, GG? Is that close enough, do you think? wink

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