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Beautfiul pics, and very effective Jammer28 thanks for posting those. There's a lot there 37 ? - have you done all of them?

Yes, I did all of them. I was only going to do around 10 but there are so many airplane types and soooo many beautiful skins.

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Those look amazing. Are you using an enb or something? The planes really "pop" in your screenshots.

I don't know what an enb is so I guess the answer is no. These are regular screenshots with layered gaussian blur and adjusted brightness and contrast in Gimp.

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Yes, it looks like masking out the airplane and applying a blur tool to the background in post process. Reshade has some effects that can do that live in-game, but it requires z sorting information that our old game engine simply does not provide in the proper format to be used.

Yes, that's what it seems like to me. Wasn't there, at some point, a thread that was created as a place for that sort of 'artistic embellishment'? I'm being lazy, but didn't see it right off.

To me, it would seem a bit misleading if someone wound up with the impression the sim can do that "out of the box".

Sorry about that. I completely forgot about the WOFF Art Thread. Is there a way to move them there?