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Haha it wasn't you DM. I cannot say who it was as he may be a member here. Bygones be bygones. smile

I actually played OFP( I think it was) with you. I don't think I had tried ArmA before Frugal's went tits up. Who was the guy organizing the games? Can you name some names of the guys playing OFP/ArmA at Frugs? It's bothering me lol.

So we had a small group that played together regularly, we went through a progression:
Battlefield 1942/DC mod
Ghost Recon
Rainbow Six 3

I can remember some of the guys it was me, Panther, Coolhand, Platty, Gargoyle, Goose, Stewie, TRex, Skyfire, others who's online Frugal names I can't recall right now. I even played with ACOG on occasion wink

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