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I know that according to everyone else here I'm supposed to hate it, and I'm a terrible person for daring to think that graphics are important, daring to enjoy a product that doesn't have every single aspect of the real aircraft functional, and daring to enjoy something ED has made. And I know that by giving ED my money I've clearly perpetuated a cycle of evil that is ruining the very fabric of our lives. And of course the only way for ED to be defeated is for good, morally upstanding people to stop giving them money.

I'll probably be banned for saying all that, because it is the sole purpose of every flight sim ever to only be about #thesystems.

Sorry SHQ, it was fun while it lasted!

Nothing really wrong with the statement. Not personally attacking any individuals and not hating on SimHQ itself for allowing harsh criticism to be shared. wink

Many of us are waiting for ED to focus on the Combat portion of their Digital Combat Simulation. Sadly...as you have shown...unfinished "shiny" sells, while an engaging lively battlefield with competent AI and dynamic campaigns do not. There are other sims I can fly if I just want flick switches and admire graphics and flight models.

I want to be a Combat pilot...dammit!

You can get combat as much as you like. There is mission editor and mission generator. That generator will make same kind of boring missions, just like that dynamic campaign on other simulation.

What is intriguing is that 95% of the youtube video's are of landing tutorials on the carrier, the 'stingers' PLAT camera landings and countless reproductions from RL pilots and said RL pilots giving tutorials on correct LSO\pilot vocabulary on landing on a ship. Stuff all related to combat tutorials.

This makes me think that all the gripes regarding the hornet release after all these years and all people can do with it is land on a ship. I'll hold off for another 12 months before I invest 100AUD to the cause. Mind you, the "c" varient that Australia own all have tail hooks yet we don't have carriers. Surely it has more potential than grading on a carrier and catching the 3rd wire.