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I'm afraid that's impossible since there wasn't anything wrong at the first place, that's why you suggested that I'm wrong. I just hope they fix real life planes too, since when using flaps planes get this tendency to nose down, man was I wrong it always thought flaps are for increasing lift.

I never said that there's nothing wrong with the Hornet. You are clearly misrepresenting my posts.

Your statement of planes in general exhibiting a pitch up moment on flap deployment was wrong though. There are planes that pitch up, there are other planes that pitch down.

I'll help you freshen up your memory:

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but putting flaps down certainly doesn't make your plane's nose to pitch down... like .. ever.

Depending on the type, that is actually very wrong. As mentioned in another thread, there are aircraft that have a considerable pitch down tendency when the flaps are deployed. Whether this is the case for the Hornet i do not know, but the above statement is certainly not true.

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