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You can get combat as much as you like. There is mission editor and mission generator. That generator will make same kind of boring missions, just like that dynamic campaign on other simulation.

....so you are complaining of boring mission generated by dynamic campaign.....hum....let me get this straight

Real world combat is made of some boring task (eg. patrol) that might lead or not to contact which is partially what BMS DC does. That's one of the beautiful of a DC (together with the fact that everything is connected), start a mission either boring or not and get everything screwed up due to unexpected high threat contact. However it seems that what you are asking for is not a real combat scenario simulator but rather a Hollywood movie combat scenario fulfilled with actions and who knows even things like help ground troops to save private ryan.

I believe that if someone does not like some types of missions why not just skip them?

No i dont complain anything. I just say that even DCS can offer COMBAT as much you want.

What do you mean by as much as you want? You mean casual combat? Then yes it does, but it does not go beyond the random combat scenario with NO MEANING (cause and consequences).

About editor tweaked missions, first of all let's face that the tool is rather limited (eg. cannot even start with environment objective destructed without any tricky workaround, at least till last time i played with it). Second, ok good you did a really well made mission, problem is that it will be like any other campaign mission in DCS...unreplayable as f**k....... you failed the mission? aborted due to risk or failures? DCS has simply crashed? Well just re-do everything you have done.......

Besides most missions are designed so that success is the only option even when the task is unrealistic as f**k (like taking down SAMs with a ....... A-10.... XD....who cares there are more appropriate aircrafts) or would result in mission aborted in RL.

DCS goes from a good airframe flight model experience to a joke combat experience due to meaningless and unreplayable missions and stupid missiles FM.

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