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No i dont complain anything. I just say that even DCS can offer COMBAT as much you want.

DCS can offer combat to a degree, yes. As much as you want"? Not without extensive use of the mission generator and mission editor. Maybe that's why you get boring missions as DCS can only offer so much and the rest relies on the user to enhance the experience? I don't doubt at all that a talented mission designer can put 10-20 hours of work and come up with a mission that will be fun to fly in for 1-3 hours duration, but how long can he keep doing this for free? So let's compensate him by making his missions and (scripted) campaigns as DLC, and the next question would be how many campaigns can you really buy before the cumulative costs just gets silly? Not to mention the talented mission designer would constantly have to tweak and fix his work to keep up with ED's constant changes.

I find it funny as well that at first you say the missions are boring but next thing you say is it can offer as much combat as desired? Which one is it? So it can offer us as many boring missions as we can take? Who wants to fly boring missions? biggrin

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I agree. BMS DC may not be perfect.
But it makes your actions mater and thats is single one big thing in dcs what i miss. DC gives reason to take sam’s out from frontline so your strikers can get in.. etc..
Dcs mission generator is #%&*$# for now. All missions require lots of work to get idiotics out from them. And still they are just single missions.

Not just that. Before I left DCS, I was experimenting with ways on how to frag ground attack missions and I was left with having to "hide" infantry or a tank under a bridge in order to "detect" the bridge destruction. Okay, that was a workaround.... is there something like this available now for DCS? The next thing that bugged me was that I could successfully destroy the bridge this mission but on the next one, the bridge is there again unless I script something beforehand that would blow up the bridge. Again, a workaround. Is there something that will do this now for DCS?

The biggest appeal for me regarding the DC is the persistence of my previous actions. Take out a bridge? The enemy can no longer use it but at the same time, repair of the captured airbase may take longer as my own units will have to go a long way. Take out an airfield? Enjoy the next 2-3 missions flying over safe airspace.

Did I mention all of that is done by the engine itself and no need for a talented mission designer to sacrifice his time and effort? smile

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